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This book has one goal in mind; to empower you to become a complete person with balance in all the key areas of life so that you can accomplish your goals and achieve business success.

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A Resource For Anyone Looking To Improve Their Lives Or Start A Business

This book has one goal in mind; to empower you to become a complete person with balance in all the key areas of life so that you can accomplish your goals and achieve business success. You have wanted to start your business for quite some time now and it has never seemed like the right time. Questions like: Can I commit the time needed for success or do we really have the money to start a business right now or is this the right time to take such a huge risk with our future, have paralyzed you. As a result, you have watched years roll by and you are no closer to realizing your dreams than when you first began to dream. This book helps you to understand that there may never be an ideal time to take the risk of starting a business. You will probably never have enough money or time. That, however, is focusing on the negative. Let’s focus on what you do have:

  • You have a great idea.
  • You have a sincere commitment to your family and those you love.
  • You have a strong desire for more in and out of life.
  • You have everything it takes for business success.

What you don’t have is a plan and direction. This book will give you that plan and the direction you need. You will walk away from this book with a new approach to life and your business. You will no longer have to ask the question…

Where do I go From Here?


Where do I go From Here? A Success Guide To Business & Life!

Introduction I: (The Entrepreneurial Spirit)

As we face the many hurdles that life brings it is amazing that some of us decide to place even more obstacles in our path. Starting a business can be the biggest source of frustration that your life will ever know. However, it may also be the only way of achieving the financial independence that you desire. God (your inner light, the universe etc.) has given you the vision. You have the initial desire and the will to work. You know just how successful you will be if you could just get started. You have the idea and you’re ready to work, but the question is…  “Where do I go from here?”

We know starting a business requires more than desire and will. It also requires money, a plan, marketing and advertising, an office or storefront, and some technical assistance. Where can you get all these things, and even if you knew where, how are you going to find the money or the time? This book will help! Where do I go From Here? Is a guide to starting a business that doesn’t forget about your real life. Unlike most business start-up books that just tell you how to write a business plan and direct you to a few help sources, this book will help you create both a business plan and a Life Plan.

Writing a business plan is challenging, but without first creating a Life Plan, your business plan will probably be impossible to implement. Most of us are not like a Fortune 500 company that has millions of dollars at our disposal. Instead, we are working from a small budget that is needed to keep our regular lives moving in the right direction. Furthermore, we don’t have hundreds of employees at our disposal to assist us in carrying out our plan. In most cases it is just you. So, when you begin your business, begin with the understanding that a loan or investment may be coming, but until it does, you must plan your business around your current circumstances and what you can accomplish daily. If you are currently employed and are starting your business on the side, then it becomes even more critical that your business plan be based on your ability to fit your business into your already hectic schedule. This book will help the full-time employee who is trying to start a business and the part time business owner who is trying to take their business to the next level.

Before writing your business plan we will have to deal with life. This book will help you get all aspects of your life moving in the same direction, thereby, helping you to create a balance between your life and your business. You will remember why you started your business in the first place, and why you must not allow yourself to give up. The business plan will be created after the Life Plan to guarantee the creation of a business plan that is realistic and easy to implement.

This book is best used by anyone looking to find a path to success in business or life but especially business if life seems to be in the way.  The practical steps, methods and assignments throughout will definitely help you achieve balance in your life and answer some of the questions you may have about why you seem to be stuck.

Born in Detroit MI, but raised in Pittsburgh, PA, Henry L Ramsey graduated with a BA in Economics from Bucknell University ‘92.  Henry was able to attend Bucknell due to an athletic scholarship where he played football and ran track for the Bison.  Shortly after graduating and relocating to Atlanta, GA, Henry was inspired to work in the area of business development and writing a success guide for business & life just seemed like a natural fit.  Being only a few years removed from a successful entrepreneurial endeavor called RCS, Henry was ready to make a wider impact in the business community and Where Do I Go From Here? was written.

Henry now is the CEO of r4 media a media, data & software enterprise based out of Pittsburgh PA.

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The BIG 5

An in-depth look at who you are in 5 key areas we call the BIG 5 (socially, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and physically)


The little 5

The 5 things you need to do to make sure your plan can be accomplished. (inventory, identify, prioritize, evaluate & plan)


Why You Need A Business Plan

Too many businesses operate without a full business plan & it shows.


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Ready To Achieve Balance In The BIG 5

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