Sustainability Consultant

I assist companies in 3 Key ways:

  1. Achieving their sustainable and eco-friendly goals…
  2. Telling their sustainable success stories when goals are achieved and…
  3. Helping them access financial, tax and brand resources for investment, savings and exposure.

Providing value for clean and non clean energy companies alike...

Henry Ramsey Sustainability Consultant
What I do

Advocacy & Consulting

As a Sustainability & Clean Energy Consultant, I leverage 20 years of digital marketing and strategic program creation experience, having successfully supported over 150 clients in launching new ventures, branding products, promoting events, and increasing revenues by up to 40% annually.

I now focus on helping clean energy companies, climate influencers, and those adopting sustainable practices grow revenues and enhance engagement using advanced digital marketing, SaaS, and development tools. I also assist non-clean energy companies in benefiting from eco-friendly practices through cost savings, tax incentives, increased efficiency, and attracting new customers.

My process involves assessing your marketing needs, determining the best approach based on your time, budget, and capacity, and finding the right agencies to fit your requirements. I serve as a virtual CMO or collaborate with your CMO to implement the chosen solutions. Post-implementation, I conduct ongoing assessments to ensure lasting value.

Sustainable Practice

The Greening
Your Business Program.

As a Sustainability & Clean Energy Consultant I am excited to introduce a campaign that empowers participants to significantly contribute to the emerging Net Zero economy. The GREENING YOUR BUSINESS PROGRAM promotes eco-friendly practices that not only enhance your brand story but also benefit the environment. This program provides practical steps, real-world examples, and resources to help your business become more environmentally and socially responsible while enjoying the branding and financial advantages that come with it.
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • HR & Operations
  • Fleet & Transportation
  • Supply Chain & Logistics
Parent Program

The Greening
Your Business Program.

Targeted Program

The Greening
Your Restaurant Program.

Create Relevancy

Tell Your Sustainable Story!

As a Sustainability & Clean Energy Consultant I can help you build your Sustainable Success Strategy.  Tell your sustainable brand story, learn how to amplify it for investors, partners and others and share your story across all of your platforms and social media. (Bonus: and share it on our clean energy platform

By telling your sustainable story effectively and completely, you can create a strong emotional connection with potential clients, differentiate your brand, build trust, and ultimately drive engagement and loyalty. Story branding is not just about marketing; it’s about creating a lasting impression and a meaningful relationship with your clients.

  • Building Emotional Connections
  • Differentiation in the Market
  • Establish Trust and Credibility
  • Enhancing Brand Recall
  • Creating a Personal Connection
  • Driving Engagement and Loyalty
  • Simplify Complex Information
  • Demonstrate Purpose and Values

As the world grapples with environmental challenges, embracing sustainability and eco-friendly practices becomes increasingly crucial. Whether you’re looking to make small changes in your daily life, encourage your family to be more eco-conscious, or integrate green practices into your career, this practical guide will help you take meaningful steps towards a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Living

The Greener
Living Project.

Understanding that sustainability involves meeting our present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs, this project helps you adopt a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Digital Capabilities

digital & interactive
tools to insure success.

Web & Mobile Development
AI & Data Solutions
Digital Marketing
Platform Solutions
Web Design & Development, Micro Communities, App Development & Software Development services are available to help create the website, mobile application or online community or platform your business needs.
Data Solutions

Data Capture & Management and Data Analytics are both implemented to allow you to capture client and visitor data in a variety of ways and then manage your data so that its usable and help you with marketing decisions and product development.

Enhanced Solutions

Enhanced or integrated solutions are micro solutions that you need to make any project viable.  These may include and are not limited to:

  • Project Managers & CRMs
  • Dynamic Data Integration
  • eCourse & Learning Platforms
  • Custom Front End Dashboards
  • Booking Systems
  • Membership Platform
  • Online Job Boards
    & so much more...

web projects and

Using year-over-year approaches and the latest technologies, we will ensure that your new website will be visible, accessible, and treads lightly.


& coaching clients

I utilize 25+ years of combined business developments, sales, design, coaching and consulting experience to insure your success.

Mercedes Benz Henry Ramsey Digital Marketing Client
Eastern Architectural Products Henry Ramsey Digital Marketing Client
Turks & Caicos Henry Ramsey Consulting Client
Get Mortgage Approval Henry Ramsey Consulting Client
Bentley Beverly Hills Henry Ramsey Consulting Client
Elevee Henry Ramsey Consulting Client

We help you on the path to success.

“Henry has been extremely helpful, knowledgable and patient while helping us help The American Heart Association over the past few years.  With his help, we have raised over $2.3 million dollars.”
Tiffany Butterfield
Mercedes Benz Of Columbus

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We’re building a team of  advocates (Sustainable Energy, Marketing, IT, Sales, Financial, Legal & More) who are excited about unique ideas and help clean energy companies start, grow and sustain success by developing top-notch game-plans and strategy.

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